La Rizière de Marseillette Riz Complet 500 Grs

  • Composition : Riz Complet de La Rizière de Marseillette.
  • Poids Brut 500 Grs.
  • Conseils Temps de Cuisson 40 minutes.
  • Conservation A l'abri de l'humidité.
  • Mode de Culture Traditionnelle.
  • Origine : Marseillette Aude.

La Rizière de Marseillette

Viticulturist by vocation and by family tradition, it represents the 4th generation of a family of farmers settled on the estate Saint Gabriel since 1925.

At the same time, being a rice grower has become a natural choice, as rice has often been an alternative to the vineyard in order to cope with the various economic crises linked to the wine market.

As early as 1952, Laurent's grandfather began cultivating La Rizière de Marseillette in about 20 ha for a small decade, but the varieties did not always survive the vagaries of the weather, since the labor became too expensive ( the transplanting of the rice was done by hand) it abandons this production.

In 1986, at the heart of a major wine crisis, Laurent's father attempted a new trial of round rice, bringing in his wake other producers. The trial of La Rizière de Marseillette proved promising, but the sharp fall in prices 10 years later discouraged the best wishes. Having resumed the operation of La Rizière de Marseillette in the meantime, Laurent then decided to market his own production.

By creating his own brand "La rizière de l'étang de Marseillette", in 2003, he now controls the whole chain, from seeds to labeled pouches, the famous traceability and offers a complete range of his different rice "terroir" from La Rizière de Marseillette.
La Rizière de Marseillette remains the only rice grower in the Etang de Marseillette.

Located in the former pond of Marseillette, La Rizière de Marseillette, on the fringes of its vocation mainly wine-growing has the peculiarity of also allowing the cultivation of rice. Of the 70 hectares of La Rizière de Marseillette, the plots are sown in different varieties, ranging from round rice to perfumed rice to long and red.

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