Le Moulin de Fabi Lucques 420 Grs

  • Composition : Olives Lucques, Sel.
  • Poids Brut 220 Grs.
  • Conseils A manger à l'apéritif.
  • Conservation Avant et après ouverture au frigo.

Le Moulin de Fabi

Mill Fabi is a small family business. We produce, process and market our Olives and Olive Oil.
Land lovers and olive trees, we decided to plant this tree symbol of peace on the Domain Millepetit in Trebes (road Béziers). The first Fabi Mill of plantations were established in 2001 and we are so far in 7000 in Regional olive varieties: LUCCA, Olivieri, Verdale, Bouteillan PICHOLINE.
Some time after these plantations do we acquire our oil mill in November 2006 because it was imperative for us to go to the end of the chain, that is to say, produce, process and market the products of the Mill Fabi.
Our oil mill includes a washer, a mixer and a decanter (separation of oil and pomace). We also do the service. You can contribute your olives and you will leave with your oil.
The mouth of olives from Le Moulin de Fabi "LUCCA" have hand-picked in September with gloves because they are fragile and easily marked. They are then put debittered and salt.
Olives for oil are collected from mid-October to late December (preferably blackberries) with thermal vibrators. These fall into the nets and are made to the Moulin de Fabi in perforated boxes to prevent fermentation. They are pressed within 24 hours. All oils of Le Moulin de Fabi are categorized Extra Virgin. We prefer to work on the monovarietal so you can find an oil that suits you (sweet, fiery, fruity etc. ...).
This is in Floure, Le Moulin de Fabi facing the village along the main road, he must go to taste olive production Fabienne Fontes. The olive grove of 22 hectares where the first specimens took root in 2001, instead of the vine. Olivieri, Lucca, Bouteillan, aglandau and Picholine, Floure, Le Moulin de Fabi can extract up to 5000 liters each year. People who come bring him their own harvest, Fabienne Fontes advises make the single variety oils, as it does with its olives. Or rather, as she did to the last campaign of the winter of 2012. Since then, an assembly called "Thomas" as his son, came to complete the range.

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