Confit d'Oignons aux Noisettes Domaine de Bordère

  • Composition : 53% d'oignons, vin de La Malepère, sucre, beurre, vinaigre de Xérès, 5 % noisettes, épices.
  • Poids Brut 200 Grs.
  • Conseils Une fois réchauffé accompagnera aussi bien les boudins blanc et noirs, les charcuteries et terrines, que les côtes ou gigot d'agneau ainsi que les fromages.
  • Conservation Se conserve 4 mois après ouverture.
  • Mode de Culture Culture Biologique. Sans colorant ni conservateur.
  • Origine : Alaigne Aude.

Domaine de Bordère

The oignonière of Bordere Estate is located in Aude, in Alaigne between Limoux and Carcassonne, 373 meters. It benefits from the Mediterranean and oceanic climate and is irrigated by a small river that borders the area and called the "Sou".
Our onions are grown on the estate of Bordere, following the principles of sustainable agriculture and cooked as before! All these natural elements, combined with intensive care we bring to them, make our onions, the best in the world.
Rich in vitamin C, potassium, selenium, trace elements, antibacterial hypoallergenic, well supplied with fiber hypoglicémiant, onion is a real medication without a prescription. onion specialist Bordere the Domaine under 7 different recipes for candied onions foie gras, meat, fish, vegetables. Dressing onion confit, onion soup, onion chips, clarified butter confit of onions and garlic cream.
It is a beautiful and authentic story as we like that of Marie-France and Stephen Nauwelaers operating since 1994 Domaine de Bordere.
The recipe for their onion confit was born long ago on the furnaces of the grandmother of Marie-France. Success came when Marie-France and his son Stephen (a trained chef) went ahead to serve this delicious food to customers of their country inn in the farm of Alaigne. Their clients wanted to take home! No sooner said than done.
Since then, the confit of onions Bordere Domaine has continued to reap rewards and awards: Award for Innovation 1996 in the gastronomic international fair of Dijon, price Flavours 2004 awarded by Gault Millau, selection by Jean-Luc for Petitrenaud its houses of Good Guide. Confit of onions Bordere Domaine de Marie-France and Stephen are prepared without preservatives, colors or additives of any kind whatsoever.
The extremely long cooking time (16 hours!) Very low heat allows the product to keep cool for 3 to 4 months after opening. We must now count with confit onions that 16 hours flat beating seam leg 7 hours. The yellow onion seed "Virtues of Straw" are planted in March-April. Onions rise since late April or early May depending on weather conditions. Neither taken nor planted, they grow on site where they are weeded and harvested by hand in September.

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