Vinaigre Balsamique Granhota

  • Composition : Issu de moût de raisin (grenache, syrah, carignan en fonction des millésimes) , cuit , acétifié et vieilli pendant plusieurs années dans le respect de la méthode du véritable balsamique.
  • Contenance 50 cl.
  • Conseils Utiliser plutôt en filet, sur un légume (vrais tomates), une burrata ou une mozarella, une glace, un fromage, ou des fruits.
  • Conservation A l'abri de l'humidité.
  • Mode de Culture Sans caramel ni épaississant ni additif. Vieillit en fût de chêne pendant 2 Ans.
  • Origine : Maître Vinaigrier à Coursan Aude.

Vinaigres Granhota

The small Granhota company of vinaigrier of our young Coursanais Laurent Faure started with the manufacture in 2009 and followed by the marketing in 2013 continues its progression and its recognition on the National territory and even International.
The Vinaigrerie Granhota with more than 250 distribution points in France but also in Europe, Sweden and Switzerland, and even a customer in China, the Vinaigrerie Granhota is starting to be quite well known and it is therefore a new level that our master vinegar Has just crossed by launching in the manufacture of vinegar in ways, always and again artisanally for winegrowers of Alsace, Bordelais, Auvergne, Rhône Alpes, Bandol and of course Languedoc Roussillon.
If the principle of treating wine or grape juice (for the balsamic) taken by them and transforming it into vinegar for their taste is simple, the work is a little less. It took Laurent a lot of discussions with the winegrowers to know their exact desires followed by long weeks of tests in the cellar and to finish obtaining a vinegar tested and recognized by these wine professionals as fit for their desires often very different from a Region to another.
Without divulging well on the manufacturing secrets of Vinaigrerie Granhota it is necessary to know that it is necessary to cook the wine or the grape juice at temperatures between 60 and 90 ° during different times and to raise them in barrels with different woods Without ever adding anything.
For example the oak brings a taste of vanilla the cherry tree gives that of red fruit to speak only of these essences.
Creating exceptional vinegars by combining ancestral methods, great Languedoc wines and sometimes rare spices is the goal of the Vinaigrerie Granhota. In the heart of the largest vineyard in the world I decided in 2009 to allow the lovers to find both the taste of traditional vinegar and to have in the kitchen condiments with subtle aromas.
For the most patients, real balsamic vinegars, caramel, sulphite and wine vinegar are bred several years under the roofs of Granhota vinegar in confidential volume.
The Vinaigrerie Granhota has nearly 150 different barrels and has just acquired a "wall" of barrels and two stainless steel vats to heat the products. It is a long-term job that Laurent has undertaken because it takes between 8 months and 7 years (for a balsamic) to transform wine or grape juice into vinegar in ways. Finally each region selected a bottle that suits him and it is La Vinaigrerie Granhota that labels them. The production of La Vinaigrerie Granhota for its retailers also changes packaging with bottles now silkscreen all made in its cellar which is enriched also with pretty chandeliers well in the style in circles barrels made by the workshop Lunes de Luc On Orbieu.

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