Les Sels de Gruissan Tube Gros Sel Nature 500 Grs

  • Composition : Sel De Mer de Gruissan.
  • Poids Brut 500 Grs
  • Conseils Assaisonnera tous vos plats. Très riche en oligo-éléments .
  • Conservation A l 'abri de l'humidité.
  • Mode de Culture Ce sel est obtenu suivant la méthode de production ancestrale dite de culture sur feutre. Le feutre constitué de plancton naturellement présent dans l’eau de mer est cultivé sur les tables salantes d’octobre à mars.
  • Origine : Gruissan Aude

Les Sels de Gruissan

Situated in the heart of the Regional Nature Park of Narbonne in the Mediterranean Sea, the Salin de l'Ile Saint Martin is located on the shores of the Massif de la Clape, the Salt of Gruissan, surrounded by the sea and the pond of l'Ayrolle. 400 hectares on the edge of the village of Gruissan.
In Gruissan, since antiquity, men have mastered and tame the Mediterranean in order to frustrate the fruits. You will discover the ancestral know-how of Sels d Gruissan in a preciously preserved environment.
This former head of production of the three sites of the Aude (Gruissan, Port-la-Nouvelle and the salts of the Palme) proved that "making salt in France is not a challenge".
In 2011, the master-saunier signed an agreement with the city of Gruissan to exploit the salts of Île Saint-Martin. The lease is 30 years (until 2042) to restart the 400 ha of which 15 can be used as crystallizer.
Gruissan Salts: 15,000 tons of industrial salt and a small production of heritage salt (200 tons of salt and 30 of salt flower).
Within the company Someval, which he founded in 2008, he already valued them as subcontractors for aquaculture, with a non-salendi clause. Other means of valuing the resource. It's good farming! To make salt, we pump the sea water. At this stage it is teeming with fish. I proposed to introduce a production of oysters and then algae in the circuit of concentrated waters. "

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